The Tennessee Knockout Enduro is currently America’s largest Hard Enduro. It has steadily been growing in popularity through its seven year existence. It brings Hard Enduro enthusiasts from across the country, and the globe, to the hot & humid hills of the Trials Training Center in Sequatchie, TN.

Ever since Cody Webb took his first win at the TKO Enduro in 2013, he has had a wide variety of competitors try and knock him off the top step of the podium. Many TKO fans were excited for Jonny Walker in 2015, Wade Young in 2016 and Graham Jarvis and Mario Roman in 2017. All challengers have shown great speed and stamina, but none have bested Webb.

Saturday – Amateur Race and Qualifications for Sunday

For Fun, For Glory and For The Beer Afterwards.

The two day event starts off with the Amateurs who want to try to qualify for Sunday’s activities. These masochistic enthusiasts may have an idea what they are getting themselves into. The ones who are new to the event typically come in with little understanding how challenging the event can be.

Sean Finley, one of the Masterminds behind the event.

Yes, that is a BMW R1200GS Adventure. Tom Asher pushed hard, but failed to qualify for Saturday’s afternoon event.

Every year the course swaps directions. The Uphill Swamp was a downhill blessing to the riders this year. As slippery as everyone said the course was, this would of been another spectator hold-out had riders been going uphill.

This is where most spectators were seen, at the bottom of Uphill Swamp. There was a nice, technical uphill following that was prime watching.
Erek Kudla, AMA Off-road Racing Manager, and Jeremy Saylor, Timing and Scoring. We assume neither took bribes.
Maintenance between Amateur motos called for creative thinking.

Amateur Race #2

Who was going to come out on top and make it to Sunday? The Top 30 will get their chance.

This creek created much chaos for the riders.
Had to play with that light!

Amateur Awards – Bronze, Silver and Gold

Some were happy with their placement.
While others would of preferred for a better performance.
Drew Kirby, Fastest Amateur in Knockout #1

Jarrett Mohn, AMA’s Newest Extreme Offroad Amateur National Champion

Morgan Tanke and Victoria Harcy ran the first Amateur race and qualified for the Women’s Final. This was Tanke’s first TKO appearance, but Harcy has been a long time Hard Enduro competitor.

Sunday – The Battle Begins

Invited and Qualified riders, it’s time to get down to business. The Hot Laps are first, setting the pecking order for the TKO #1.

TKO #1

The racers started 30 seconds apart, in the order they finished in the Hot Laps.

Newly Introduced LCQ Straight Rhythm Event

New this year was a chance for the riders on the 25 rider limit to go head-to-head to compete for a 26th spot in TKO #2. The way the crowd reacted, we know we’ll see this evolve into more of a thing in years to come.

TKO #2

After the LCQ Winner was decided, the racers lined up 5 at a time. Placement was decided by how they finished in TKO #1. 3 of the racers from each grouping would advance into the Final.

If you haven’t noticed, this log was hiptastic!

Collaboration at it’s finest. Jordan Ashburn getting caught between Woody and Darrin’s flashes.
When Wild Wally Palmer is around, the fans know to get their devices out to capture the crazy.
The riders bodies weren’t the only ones who were overheating.
Rocks, Rocks and more Rocks. This rider will probably have a protection sponsor come 2018, or at least add some after-market upgrades.

In our four years attending the event, this is the first time we’ve seen water covering those rocks. Makes a good backdrop!

TKO Final

30 Minutes + Two Laps. Cody Webb jumped out front, but Jarvis and Roman kept him honest for a better part of the event.

Ben Kelley was an invited rider this year after his break out performance in 2016. He had some issues, but there wasn’t a rider who didn’t.
For most of the final, Jarvis was within one – two bike lengths of Webb. He was keeping pressure, but never really challenging.
By the last couple laps, Webb was on his own. He would continue to charge, lapping riders with ease in some very technical parts of the track.
Cody Webb, Your 5-Time Tennessee Knockout Enduro Winner
Graham Jarvis with a well deserved second place finish. Just like Walker and Young, we know he’ll be back to take another shot at knocking Webb off the top step.
Mario Roman has been having a great year with Sherco. His fill in ride for Wade Young gained him quite a few new fans.

Your 2017 Tennessee Knockout Enduro Podium, Cody Webb, Graham Jarvis and Mario Roman.