Several top off-road riders have made news recently announcing new teams or brands, but none is bigger than 2018 National Enduro and Full Gas Sprint Enduro Pro Champion Steward Baylor Jr., who, along with younger brother Grant, will lead the charge for the family-owned Tely Energy Racing team. Baylor, who has one of the largest fan bases of any off-road racer, is as unique as they get in the world of professional motorsports and while he maintains a strong-relationship with the KTM factory, has built his brand by doing things on his own terms, always with a more grassroots vibe than his fellow factory pilots.

Have you ever heard the motto “Go big or go home”?  Well Tely Energy Racing is going all in by signing Steward Baylor, Jr., Grant Baylor, Zach Nolan and Brooke Cosner to their professional race team for 2018.  These four names are well known in the industry and they are looking to put Tely Energy Racing on everyone’s radar.

Steward Baylor is the lead player in the Tely Energy Racing Team for 2018 and 2019. He has had one of the most decorated careers, breaking almost every age record as he came through the ranks.  Although he seems to be a veteran after racing professionally for 7 years, he just turned 23 years old.  He is one of two riders to ever hold the points lead in all three series at the same time as we saw in March after winning the opening round of GNCC and National Enduro where he then landed on the podium in the next 10 events he lined up to.

In 2017, Baylor wanted nothing more than to be back where he was before his injuries.  In an effort to succeed, he started working with a new trainer and changing his plan to help strengthen his wrist as well as everything else to compensate for past injuries. We did not just see consistency in 2017 but consistency on the podium where he landed almost every race in 2017 season.  His plans for 2018 are to win all three major OFFROAD series in the US and at only 23 years old he has the potential to do it.  With the experience and knowledge winning 2 out of three of the number one plates in 2017 and with the backing of Tely Energy Racing and all of our awesome sponsors, Steward is on the path to reach is goals in 2018. 

Grant Baylor, the younger brother of Steward, is the only person to beat some of his brothers age records.  He was a 2 time XC2 pro class champion by the age of 16, as well as a 2 time amateur overall champion in both the GNCC’s and National Enduro series.  He finished 2017 with a third place finish in National Enduro pro class points standings and fifth in the GNCC XC1 pro points. Grant (the more quiet of the brothers) has always sat back and learned from his older brothers mistakes making Grant a very smart rider.  Although he is more reserved off the track, he is no slouch on the bike. For 2018 Grant plans to build on his year being a fresh 20 years old, he wants to be the youngest rider to win a GNCC championship and battle his brother for championships in both the National Enduro series and Full Gas Sprint Enduro series. 

Zach Nolan is the hometown member of the Tely Energy Racing Team for 2018.  Zach is a multiple GNCC class champion through the years.  At 24 years old, Zach is the oldest member on the pro team.  He has been racing cross country since he was 9 years old.  In 2016, Zach returned to the GNCC race world in 250A and dominated the stage.  He finished the year as the 250A Class Champion as well as the 2016 GNCC Amateur of the Year.  In 2017, Zach once again jumped into the professional ranks in the XC2 class.  After starting the year on a new bike and not getting the results he was looking for, Zach went back to the older bike and started improving immediately.  At Round 6 at the inaugural X-Factor, Zach led the way through the mud and slop to finish in the middle of the podium for the first time this year.  There is no doubt that Zach will only improve in 2018 with a year under his belt and years of experience and a great team behind him.

Brooke Cosner, from McHenry, MD will represent Tely Energy Racing in the Womens Pro class for 2018.  Brooke has been racing since 2011 and has several wins on her resume.  She has a refreshing personality and is motivated to do great things in 2018.  In 2017, Brooke finished the year in 4th place in her class.  She had 6 GNCC podium appearances in 2017 and is looking to improve on that number in 2018.  Look out in 2018, Brooke will have the support of Tely Energy Racing and she is looking to make a big statement.

The Team Energy Racing Pro team is not the only podium seekers for the upcoming season.  Tely Energy Racing believes in supporting the amateur and youth contingent as well.  The following members are part of the Tely Energy Amateur Race team: 

Ronnie Rusch – 2017 GNCC Schoolboy Sr. (14-17) Class Champion.  Ronnie Rusch from Pittsburgh, PA rides a Yamaha YFZ 450 in the GNCC race series.  His resume speaks for itself.  He is moving up to College A for 2018 and tackling the 1pm race.  Ronnie will be the one to watch as he continues to climb up the ranks of GNCC towards his ultimate goal. 

Cody Morehead – 2017 GNCC 200C (16+) Class Champion.  Cody will be moving to 4 Stroke B Lites for 2018. Cody, from Mt. Morris, PA rides a 2018 KTM 250f in the 4 Stroke B Lites for 2018.  He was dominate all year in 200C (16+) and is looking to battle in a new class. 

Dylan Ely – 2017 GNCC 250C Schoolboy (14-17) 2nd Place.  Dylan will be moving to Open B for 2018.  Dylan, from Waynesburg, PA rides a 2018 KTM 250f.  He finished 2017 in 2nd place in his class.  He was consistently in the top of the class and will continue to rise up through the ranks. 

Olivia Judy – 2017 GNCC Women B 4th Place.  Olivia Judy from Reedsville, WV rides a KTM 150 in the Womens B class.  Olivia finished her first year in the amateur ranks in 4th place for a very successful 2017 season. 

Chase Rutan – 2017 GNCC 85 (12-13) 6th Place.  Chase Rutan from Waynesburg, PA rides a Yamaha YZ85. Chase will be moving to 200C (12-15) in 2018. 

Justin Murphy – 2017 GNCC 4 Stroke A Lites 10th Place.  Justin will be staying in the same class for 2018. 

The Tely Energy Racing KTM factory supported youth team will consists of the following riders:

Joseph Cunningham – 2017 GNCC 85 (12-13) Class Champion.  JoJo will be moving to Super Mini Jr. for 2018.  JoJo from Murray City, OH joins the Tely Energy Race team in 2018 after two dominate GNCC seasons where he won back to back class championships. 

Dakota Cunningham– 2017 GNCC 65 (7-9) Class Champion.  Dakota will be moving to 65 (10-11) for 2018.  Dakota, from Murray City, OH joins the Tely Energy Race team in 2018.  With 8 wins in 2017, Dakota dominated the class in his first year in the youth race after placing 1st in 2016 in the Micro race. 

Paul Best – 2017 GNCC 65 (10-11) 2nd Place.  Paul Best from Richford, NY, will be riding a KTM 65sx in the 65 (10-11).   Paulie will be staying in the same class for 2018 and is going to battle for that number plate once again.  With 7 podium appearances in 2017 which includes 3 top finishes, he is going to be a top contender. 

Ty Ely – 2017 GNCC 65 (10-11) 4th Place.  Ty Ely from Waynesburg, PA rides a 2018 KTM 85 in a new class for 2018, 85 (7-11).  With a new class and new bike, Ty looks to continue his success from the past two years and use the experience to improve on his placement. 

None of this can be accomplished without our sponsors.  Currently on board for 2018 is Kenda Tires, Fly Racing, Morgantown Powersports, Tely Energy Services, Braap Motorsports, Baily Insurance, HBD Graphics, Evans Coolant, Motion Pro, IMS Products, NitroMousse, KTM, Twin Air, ODI Grips, and Seat Concepts.  There are other sponsors that are pending at this time as well.  Steward and Grant Baylor are also sponsored by Sidi boots and Shoei helmets.